Buttery buns in a tray

I can’t even start telling you how happy I am to be able to finally bake something after *so* long (Thanks to heavy schoolwork and exams). As my summer break starts, I will just get on a baking spree and bake as much as my heart desires (and as much as my wallet would allow me to), this is going to be BEAUTIFUL. Wheee! *Starts happy dance*

So…. Hello there, welcome to my very first food blog! This is going to be the place where I test out and share recipes, still many to come so you better bookmark this site. No? Oh come on, just one click. Done? Good!

Alright so as you can see from the title and the picture above, it is buttery buns I made today. (Woohoo!) It’s so buttery and rich I bet you can smell it through the computer screen. I have never been a big fan of bread or buns BUT this one is just waaay too epic and fool-proof that I’m totally making it again.

I discovered this recipe from Pinterest, by Roxana, personally I like making desserts and maybe hot dishes sometimes, but since my parents don’t have much of a sweet tooth, they have been asking me to make something not sweet, namely… bread. Just so it happens that I stumbled over this recipe when doing my everyday routine of scrolling through pins, it seems pretty promising and I happen to have all the ingredients needed right here at home. With everything ready and waiting, I thought I’d just give it a go! (There’s no going back once you made this, I’m quite sure, eh pretty sure, no no no VERY sure you will be making this again).

Great, this is just super easy and fool-proof, all you need is a tray and an oven… and a mixer….a measuring cup…measuring spoons…….. Eh… That’s it! 😀

(Forgot to include the ingredients but anyways…..)

Here we go!

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